Naima Pruitt’s Corona Creations Story

Naima Pruitt

Once there was a girl. She was born is 2004 making her 15 in 2020. She did not have a newspaper nor cable. Her parents secluded her. She was home schooled. Because of all of this, she never knew of the real dangers. Her father would take care of her and teach her. Her mother was a doctor, a professional. Her family was the only people she knew. She was always lonely because of this. She always looked out the window to the street filled with people. Slowly the streets are deserted day by day with an eerie creepiness. The once crowded noisy place was now a dark silence with a green mysterious glow. It gave a look of pure psychoticness like the joker smiling straight at a dead body. It sent a cold mysteriously killing shudder down her spine. She asked her father why no one was out. Her father didn’t respond. This made it all more scary and suspicious. It soon was dinner. The mother wasn’t home which wasn’t normal. The girl asked where the mother was and finished with the same question from earlier. Again the father didn’t answer but this time the girl saw his face. It was a combination of delusional fear for others and mental torture. He claimed that he and the mother would tell her later. When the girl went to bed she couldn’t sleep. Her mind filled with fear and screams. And worse of all she couldn’t stop thinking about where her mother was. These thoughts lead to sobs and soon she sobbed herself to sleep. In the morning her mother and father had the same face as last night. They ate for a minute in awkward silence before the parents started to talk. They talked about corona and how they said something like teachers are stuck in computers. All she could see was people slamming inside of a blank screen with a look of absolute terror. The mother said that she will not be coming home for a while. Then the real bad news came. Her grandfather had caught it. And now he was in the ground. The girl cried out screaming why didn’t she go to the funeral. All they said was that it was going to come there. That night the girl had nightmares. There was a open grave. Then there was a hospital bed with a body but it was too small for her grandfather. She soon decides to take off the sheet. Her face went into fear. It was her in the sheet. And then she woke up. Her mother wasn’t there. Her father explained that her mother was infected. She cried in a moment. Everything and everyone was disappearing all due to one little illness. The people that are protesting social distancing, if that happens our lives could be like this. A life full of misery and cruelty and death. Everyone can and probably will die. This was not a short story to just try to improve our situation it was a cry for help from all who have suffered.