Just in Time
October 7, 2020

Some might consider it inauspicious to have Seabury’s new expansion inaugurated during a pandemic, but actually, the new space could not come at a better time. The expansion adds significant square footage to the campus, making...

Jonah Kim, Copy • October 7, 2020

While students everywhere are experiencing online classes and some are not even able to go into physical school, many sports teams have continued practicing and competing. For the Seabury chess team, however, this is not the case;...

Fishop Pondbury Jr
Andrew Lang • October 7, 2020

Most of the students at Seabury view the new building as the best extension to the school this year, but some select students and faculty would argue that the greatest addition to the school is the Seabury pond. Although bleak...

Humble Heroes
Marie Brockhoff and Campbell Helling, Copy • October 7, 2020

The ancient Greeks believed that the god Atlas held up the weight of the world. Since the world descended into chaos this March, the world’s problems have felt similarly crushing. In spite of all this, many students and faculty...

Spotlight: Mason Rack, Layla Snipes, Lou Defebvre

                 Photo by Darby Harris Lou Defebvre (11th) -Describe your alter ego. “In France, I’m usually all the time talking and I’m not quiet at all. I’m...

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Spotlight: Rupert Randall
Spotlight: Rupert Randall
Catharine Richards, Copy

“The world has a lot of problems, and the best way of solving those problems is to educate people while they’re young and while they’re still willing and wanting to learn”...

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Eighth grader Maile Hickman smiles for a photo with her plant. Hickman loves collecting and caring for plants.
Spotlight: Maile Hickman
Marie Brockhoff

Eighth grader Maile Hickman may have a shy exterior, but she has a myriad of fascinating interests ranging from pressing flowers to interior design. During tumultuous times, creativity...

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Senior Wil Johnson works on coding "Escape Room 2". Johnson spent two years creating the original Escape Room and has spent nine months so far creating its sequel.
Spotlight: Wil Johnson
Evan McHenry

You’ve probably heard of Roblox; known for its blocky avatars and vast array of user-created content, the computer game has gained popularity gradually over the past decade and...

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Horoscopes Issue 2 (11/05/20)
November 5, 2020

Aquarius: “You could not live with your own failure, and where did that bring you? Back to me.” -Pumpkin Gru Pisces: From a Utilitarian perspective, GIIIBBAAAAYYYYY!! Aries:...

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