Border Bandito

Diego Klish

Border Bandido has been in Lawrence for quite some time now, but out of all the Mexican style restaurants it still manages to stand out. Border Bandido has anything any Mexican food enthusiast could ever want, including a taco bar with all sorts of meats, cheeses, veggies and sauces, as well as amazing dishes that blend Mexican and American food.

I tried the taco burger as well as a tamale, which were both very good. The taco burger’s crunch added a lot to the meal, leaving me blown away by the contrast between the lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and burger with the hard shell of the taco. I also tried a tamale, made from seasoned meat wrapped in cornmeal dough and steamed in corn husks, which melted in my mouth. I had no complaints about the entire experience, food, service, and all. If you are looking for a healthy restaurant, look away, because the meal I had along with others on the menu are very carb-heavy. But what can you expect when you order a giant burger combined with a taco or a thirteen-inch burrito covered with cheese? If you are on a diet, I don’t recommend the place, but if you’re looking for a great place to fill your stomach with good hearty Mexican food, Border Bandido is the place. My only complaint is that they are not open 24/7.

Overall, I now understand why Border Bandido stays in business despite the number of rival Mexican food places. Due to its amazing service and authentic Mexican-style food, I highly recommend that you go and try anything on the restaurant’s menu and hope to see the charming restaurant stays in business for years to come.