Fields and Ivy

Katie Eckert

Fields and Ivy is one of Lawrence’s newest breweries, having opened just this past spring. Besides their home-crafted beer, which I am not able to review, they serve pizzas, salads and hoagies with ample vegetarian, vegan and dietary restriction options. They also work farm-to-table with a focus on environmentally friendly methods. After two visits here, I can safely say that there will be many more visits in the future.

The building is very beautiful, combining rich wood, granite and iron elements to reflect the building’s past. The natural lighting and beer garden contribute to the place’s warm and welcoming feel. On top of this, the service is very nice and there is plenty of seating.

Fields and Ivy is an all-around beautiful place, but the food is the icing on the cake. Compared to similar Lawrence classics like Free State Brewery or Johnny’s Tavern, their menu is more limited, and their price point is a little higher as well. That being said, the quality makes up for it, and the portions are well-sized, if not a bit large.

I tried the pretzel appetizer, their plain pizza and the southwest chicken sandwich, which is one of their hoagies. Everything was very delicious and filling. The menu offers many different types of pizza in addition to a make-your-own option. The chicken sandwich was also flavorful, with the hoagie section boasting slightly less variety. An array of vibrant salads is available, though I did not order one. 

Despite the slightly small menu and higher price point, I can definitely see myself going to Fields and Ivy again. Even with the prevalence of bars in Lawrence, it manages to stand out. I highly recommend the place to anyone looking for a satisfying dinner.