New Space; Same Scares

Carnival will be in the gym

Evan McHenry

It’s that time of year again; the days grow shorter, Halloween decorations sprout up in lawns and the smell of pumpkin spice permeates the air. At Seabury, this means that the Fall Carnival is soon to come. The carnival usually takes place in the commons, but for obvious reasons, the commons is no longer usable. However, according to senior Freddy Comparato, this will not change much: “We are able to utilize all of the same rooms as previous years–we just have to change the entrance.” Comparato is in charge of the haunted house, along with senior Cobe Green. Comparato adds, “It will be pretty similar to previous years in the sense of how we get the people around. We just have less options for where we make them leave.” In fact, Comparato thinks that having the Carnival in the gym will be an advantage, saying, “We are able to have more and larger games and activities.” This year’s Carnival will be different, but according to Comparato, it will be better. Additionally, Comparato states, “We came up with a [haunted house] theme that none of us have seen before.” One can only speculate what this theme is, but it is sure to be a hit among carnival goers, as the Haunted House always is. Between the new space in the gym and the classic Haunted House, this year’s Fall Carnival will not be something to miss!