“Frozen 2”

Alice Pulsinelli

When I was in preschool, every four-year-old could sing the chorus of “Let It Go.”  At that time, “Frozen” was my all-time favorite movie. Because of that, I did not think the sequel could measure up.  I was more satisfied with it than I expected. As a ten-year-old, I found “Frozen 2” very entertaining, even to my easily-scared side.  This movie may even be more geared towards those children who loved “Frozen” as little kids and are now older rather than younger kids who have only recently discovered the joys of the first movie.

This film starts with a voice in Elsa’s ears that no one else can hear.  Elsa is a queen who has been troubled by her ice powers for a long time. Now that she has figured out that love will thaw her ice and snow, she hopes she can have a break from the troublesome adventures she has faced all her life.  She feels that the voice will prevent that from happening. Elsa eventually realizes that she must go to the enchanted forest in her father’s old stories. Unfortunately, the forest is controlled by spirits who turned their backs on the people of Arendelle long ago when they fought the people who lived in the forest.  Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven demand to come along. Elsa eventually agrees because she realizes that she and Anna are meant to keep each other safe. When they get to the forest they instantly know something is wrong. The people who fought in the forest long ago are still alive. Anna and Elsa learn a lot about the forest, even more than they might wish they had.  They realize the danger this mission will bring, and both must make big sacrifices.

I liked the theme of this sequel.  It has the same message about the importance of love as the first movie, but it also has a new message about doing the thing you know is right even when the future is uncertain.  I thought that the music didn’t measure up to the first movie by any means, but it was still satisfactory. And Josh Gad’s Olaf, of all the characters, has the biggest impact, both comically and dramatically.  “Frozen 2” is a movie that I am glad to have seen.”