Middle School Editorial: Disruptive Activism?

Editors discuss the merits of climate strikes during school hours.

Campbell Helling

Recently, the outcry of students against man-made climate change has sparked protests globally. These protests, set up by organizations such as Fridays for Future, encourage adolescents to skip school on some Fridays and join marches for climate action.

Discussion of global warming has increased in the past few years because many young climate advocates have risen, such as Greta Thunberg, who sparked the climate protests. The demand for action has been heard around the world, and some countries have begun to reduce emissions. Still, we face mass extinction if extreme measures are not taken. 

On some Fridays, mass protests are arranged. Hundreds of thousands take to the streets to advocate for action. One of these protests took place last week on December sixth. 

Some schools allow students the day off to participate in the protests, and others simply encourage them to be involved. Seabury should allow students to participate in the protests. As long as they communicate with teachers and complete missed assignments, missing a day of school will not hurt in the long run, especially if we have a future to live in at all.