“Rick and Morty” Season 4

Jonah Kim

After an extremely long wait for “Rick and Morty” fans, episodes of Season 4 of the ever-popular Adult Swim show began to air in November. So far, producers have only released five episodes and have come to a sudden halt, leaving viewers everywhere wondering when the sixth episode will arrive. The answer to this question may leave some viewers angry, as the release of the next five episodes is rumored to be planned for April. 

Despite the pause in episodes, my viewing experience of “Rick and Morty” season four has been really enjoyable. The first episode featured Rick dying and being reborn into his endless clone factory in an alternate universe every time, while Morty struggles to live with a crystal that shows him how he will die. This season certainly seems more focused on Rick and Morty, showing less of the rest of the Smith family, as explained at the end of the episode when Rick and Morty yell at Summer for even being in the shot. 

Without going into the rest of the episodes, this most recent half-season of the critically acclaimed TV show features all original ideas that have not been used before in the series, which is usually the downfall of most TV series that go for as many seasons as “Rick and Morty.” The episodes so far all feature the same wacky “Rick and Morty” humor and characters that have attracted millions of viewers.

Overall, Season 4 of “Rick and Morty” has so far been excellent, replete with the witty humor, wacky characters, crazy ideas and talking cats that make the show unique.