Middle School Editorial: Kobe Bryant

Campbell Helling

The recent death of star basketball player Kobe Bryant has sparked a storm of tributes, from Instagram posts to outfits dedicated to him at the Oscars. His best moments are the ones we remember as well as the legacy he left behind. Some, however, have reminded us of his past rape case, which makes it hard to both mourn him and hold him accountable for his past actions. 

When most celebrities pass away, the news reports their death and some of their accomplishments. Fans grieve on social media, but only for a day or two. In response to Kobe’s death, people are still mourning over two weeks after the tragic helicopter accident. In this period of grief, however, his past sexual assault allegations are often overlooked. 

In 2003, a hotel employee filed a sexual assault complaint against Kobe Bryant. He initially denied it, and it has been largely forgotten in the aftermath of his death. Instead of focusing on the allegations, many fans choose to celebrate his basketball career. Fans will even go to great lengths to defend Bryant’s legacy; some who brought up his rape charge received death threats.

Many have mixed emotions about his death. Someone that contributed greatly to a beloved sport died, and everyone has a right to grieve in their own ways. Nevertheless, that same person possibly committed a terrible crime, and we must never forget that.