Big Mill

Matthew Petillo

Big Mill, a new (as in February 14th new) restaurant located at the corner of Mississippi and 9th Street, brings an upscale bar and grill scene to the Lawrence area. The bar is named after a windmill that stood at the location until 1905, when it burned to the ground. Most, however, remember the location most recently as a self-service laundromat. Its location makes it convenient for college kids, as it is quite literally 150 feet from student housing. As with all area restaurants, Big Mill is currently closed to in-person dining.

Before discussing the food, I should mention that there is not a lot of parking. The parking lot is quite small, and so to save yourself some pain I would recommend that you park over by the houses on campus.

Moving onto the food and drink, the water that they serve you is lemon-flavored, which tastes great. I ordered something off of their two main categories: sandwiches/burgers and Chicago pizza. Off of the sandwiches/burgers category, I ordered the Mill Burger. I ordered the pickles and spicy Mill Sauce on the side, which was definitely smart. The pickles were fine on the burger, but by themselves, they were not very good. The spicy Mill Sauce was horrible, but the actual burger itself was very good and something that I would order again.

Off of the pizza category, I ordered the Detroit Deluxe. This was a very smart decision, as I hadn’t realized that the red sauce was spicy, and I needed the ricotta cheese to balance that spiciness out. The whole pizza was good. The pizza size was about six inches by ten inches (so about the side of your iPad, give or take).