Middle School Editorial: Coronavirus

Campbell Helling

The novel coronavirus, also called COVID-19, which spreads at incredibly fast rates, has been the cause of many major shutdowns. Many governments have issued statewide closures in an attempt to control the virus. But are these measures enough to keep people safe? In my opinion, probably not. Although many are self-isolating themselves, there are many who continue to socialize. A majority of these people are relatively young and assume that the rules do not apply to them just because the virus rarely kills young people.

In many communities, “essential” stores and businesses are allowed to stay open. Grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations seem to be necessities, but many stores find excuses to stay open. For example, Jo-Ann Fabrics claims they sell fabric to make masks, which are “essential.”

Adding to the confusion, the federal government has specified what kinds of businesses are needed, and because of this, many people are still leaving their houses frequently, allowing the coronavirus to spread even more. To make matters worse, the president has announced confusing goals, such as his pledge to get the economy up and running by Easter Sunday.

Italy, which is in a state of total lockdown, is approximately seven days ahead of the United States, according to epidemiologists. A group of Italians put together a viral video recently warning others to take things seriously and stay inside. We should heed their warnings. The United States is taking measures, but in order to control COVID-19, more drastic measures will have to be taken. We must take this seriously.