Corona Creations Rules


  1. Short stories: 500-900 words
  2. Hand-created art: paintings, comics, drawings, computer graphics are all acceptable. Must be 12in by 12in.
  3. Photography: photo collages, edited photos allowed.
  4. Videos: Videos must be between 90 seconds and 4 minutes. 


Seabury Students Only!


All categories must thematically incorporate Bishop Seabury and/or the challenges caused by Covid-19, such as distance learning and social distancing in some way. The more uniquely done the better! Remember this is not for a grade, so just have fun with it! 


Due date: must be submitted by May 8th at 6 PM.

UPDATE: Now due by May 11th at 11:59 PM


Winner of each category gets a $50 visa gift card provided by BSAP

Voting will be conducted online at

Send submissions to [email protected]