“All American” Season 2

Diego Klish

A new Netflix show was released recently that follows teenager Spencer James, who transfers to the swanky Beverly Hills High School from a tough inner-city environment. This huge change from drugs and gang violence to multi-million dollar houses, endless parties and money is what makes the show so interesting. This, however, is all just in Season 1. Season 2 is a different story altogether.

To avoid giving anything away, I’ll just talk about the general themes and characters throughout the new series. The new season delves into the intricacies of gang violence and how it can affect a community, as well as discrimination against African Americans and police brutality. 

Accompanying these rather frequently touched-on topics is a mix of relationships, drug abuse, rehab and of course, football. The season has its fair share of drama: family members reappear and disappear again and people find out that they aren’t related to their family. “All American” has it all.

The season is a roller coaster of emotions, and all of the characters have at least one crisis, if not more. The highs will leave you smiling and shaking your fist in the sheer enjoyment or satisfaction of a touchdown or a hug. However, the lows are just as steep and may leave you crying like no other show you could watch.

Overall, “All American” is a great show, From the stunning and talented cast to the twisting and heart-tugging plot, it truly is a great mix of real-world problems and exciting action on and off the football field.

FYI: rated TV-14