Weather Corner!

Bill Gollier

Happy May wonderful Seabury Community…….hope all is well!!!


This will be a short final weather preview and will focus on end of May and the summer…


Let’s Look at May: The next week or two will be relatively calm in so far as severe weather. However, the last 2 weeks of May into June will be our best chance of severe weather for this season.


For the summer…we will most likely be somewhat wet as we move towards the end of June with average to just above average rainfall. However, as go into the very end of June into late August there is a 60% chance that we go below normal to maybe way below normal precipitation….something to maybe consider as we move into he deep summer months.


We are still following the same pattern that set up in October…while we have been above average for precip the past few months, we did not start out that way. October and November were fairly dry….that type of weather could well return in the summer version of this pattern…Most of Kansas west of say Junction City is pretty dry so that regime has a good chance of moving east as summer settles in.


Be healthy and take care of yourselves everyone and hey….you stay classy Seabury!!!!


Mr. Gollier