Alex Storkel-Vitevitch’s Corona Creations Story

Alex Storkel-Vitevitch

Once upon a time there was a boy who lived from a deadly curse. That boy was none other than Harry Snotter. Harry Snotter was not one years old when an incident occurred at his parents’ house. Harry was sleeping at the time when he heard some pretty silly words, “ something ahhh chooo!” Next thing Harry Snotter heard was a deadly covid curse directed at him,” Avada ahhh chooo!” The curse didn’t affect harry, instead it rebounded and hit Lord Cough Cough.”

Ten years later Harry Snotter realizes that he has a mark of a deadly virus on his forehead, in the shape of a disease called Covid-19. Harry Snotter currently attends the school Frogwarts of itchcrafting and sneezing. Harry Snotter has two of the best friends anyone could hope for, Hermione Contaiger, and Ron Measles who also attend Frogwarts. They want to become the best Itches, and Snizards that they can become. The three have been attending Frogwarts for five years until disaster struck.

A world wide pandemic has been started by Lord Cough Cough. Lord Cough Cough has found a virus, called Corona inside of bats. So he began to say some more magical words and magically, the virus started to attack nearby people. The People who were first affected by the virus felt no symptoms so they still went about their daily lives, interacting with other people. They then started to infect the people they interacted with. Then those people got others infected, and so on, and so on, until the world wide pandemic started!

Harry Snotter, Hermione Contaiger, and Ron Measles, have been selected by the headmaster of Frogwarts, Acne Diarrhea to go and stop Lord Cough Cough, and find a cure for the Coronavirus. The Three friends have been training with four of the best itches and snizards, Professor Mcherpes, Professor Severus Sneezles, Professor Fluwick, and Professor Snot. After a long semester long and hard hours of trading, the three were finally ready to go off, and find a cure for the Coronavirus, and stop Lord Cough Cough.

The three Friends started their Long and hard journey, by going to a bunch of different paramedic stores, to look to find anything useful. The three didn’t find anything useful except some masks to keep partially safe. Hermione wanted to go to a library to do some research on the Coronavirus, so the three went to the nearest library. In the aisle of sickness, and health, they met Lord Cough Cough Himself. He was trying to see if he could spread the sickness faster. The three friends knew what they had to do, they pulled out their wands and prepared to take down Lord Cough Cough. Lord Cough Cough had other plans though, he started saying some more magical words, “Avada ahhh chooo!” Luckily Harry Snotter, Hermione Contaiger, and Ron Measles, trained with the best itches and snizards, so they knew what to do, they fired their own spells, “Claritinmenti,” they all shouted. Fortunately Lord Cough Cough missed and the three spells directed at him landed on target.

The three friends then tied up Lord Cough Cough, and brought him back to Frogwarts for interrogation, Acne Diarrhea, Professor Mcherpes, Professor Severus Sneezles, Professor Fluwick, and Professor Snot all interrogated Lord Cough Cough. It took a solid thirty Seven minutes to get the answer. They discovered that if you stay away from people, and drink butterbeer, then you will be all fine in a few weeks!