Senior Issue


Dear Seniors,

    Just like the rollercoasters of past middle school choir trips to Worlds of Fun, the end of your Seabury careers has been a wild, unpredictable, sometimes exhausting ride. Still, you’ve survived every hairpin turn and loop and found ways to make the best of a bad situation. You have proven that no matter how hard it looks to overcome an obstacle, there is a fun way to do it.

    There was no Haunted House this year, so you created the new tradition of Senior Hide and Seek. You have planned a prom in Mr. Gollier’s barn and are getting ready to unwind at the beach in Florida. The Snack Shack closed, so you decorated the new Senior Lounge with stolen campaign signs and an innertube-laden Christmas tree. You took on leadership roles and carried on programs like Diversity Club and Writing Lab, and you took the first Mr. Nelson led wilderness biology class, even leading missions to catch alien fish on Mars. You survived everything from the college application process to KC Wolf’s surprise visit. 

    Class of 2021, your energy and ability to turn any mishap around will serve you well in the future. Last March, you probably had no idea how you would make it to where you are now, but you did it! You’re almost there! Wherever your next step is, you all are bound to succeed. Good luck! 


    —The Chronicle Staff


This year’s senior class may have had some of their most memorable traditions cut short, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t left their mark. Read below to hear four faculty member’s thoughts on the most memorable qualities and times spent with the senior class.


Memorable Qualities

Gollier – The seniors are funny. Intelligent. Passionate. Very able to go with the flow, able to take on anything that comes and let it roll off their back. Looking like they aren’t together, but in the end they’re very much together. Example: creating Senior Chapel this year took 20 minutes. It was absolutely amazing!

Eicher – Say you were surfing a colossal orange wave of pure energy with just enough undertow to keep you sharp–that would be the Class of 2021.  As students, athletes, and friends, they may not always agree, but they get that life is about staying curious, playing with passion, and second chances, new beginnings. So go, grab your board, surf with the seniors: you’ll feel like you’ve fully lived.

Meyers – They are brilliant and fun. That’s everybody. They are really close. I feel like this group has always been pretty close, and so I’ve always enjoyed that about them. They’ve never been complain-y. They’re always like “Okay we’ll do that,” or “That’s okay.”

Nelson – This year’s senior class is like an “all decade” team. The class has talent at every position: athletics, academics, arts, character, and fun.


Favorite memory

Gollier – All the sleep outsides that they participated in. The introduction of all the videos in class of the stupid Family Guy videos. They humor me and allow me to do that. And, just generally everyday in class has been great. I will miss them dearly, and they’ve been a great class.

Eicher – King Lear Limbo.

Nelson – My favorite memories would be meeting members of the wilderness class to fish off the dam before sunrise and our trip to the flint hills