Wed-Sat BBQ

Wed-Sat BBQ is a (obviously) BBQ joint that opened in early September. The owner, according to an article in the Lawrence Journal-World, used to be on a successful competition team in Kansas City. I don’t know what exactly he brought over from that team, but it must not be a whole lot, as this restaurant was very disappointing.

To start, I’ll get to the goods. This restaurant, for all its faults, had some good things. The ribs were reasonably good, although you could get ribs of the same quality at Bigg’s for cheaper. The sauce was quite good, although I will note that it was on the sweeter side, so if you do not like sweet meat, I would avoid going for this sauce. The sausage that they served was actually quite good, and I would eat it again there.

The brisket and pulled pork, however, were just plain bad. When I received the brisket, it was stone cold. Additionally, when I ate it, there was no taste at all. When I tried the pulled pork, I had the same thing happen: no taste. Brisket and pulled pork are two of the main staples at any BBQ joint, so their poor taste is a sign that this BBQ joint is simply not worth going to. For the price that I paid for all of this, I expected so much better. Something else I noticed was that they did not have pickles at all, which is actually really surprising, seeing as you are able to get pickles at just about any BBQ place. You can usually tell the quality of a BBQ restaurant by its pickles, and for them not to have any speaks volumes. 

Ultimately, if you want good BBQ, don’t come here. Go to Bigg’s instead and get better BBQ for less. At least you’ll get some decent brisket.


2.5/5 stars