Spotlight: Rupert Randall


Catharine Richards, Copy

“The world has a lot of problems, and the best way of solving those problems is to educate people while they’re young and while they’re still willing and wanting to learn” says new science faculty member Rupert Randall.

Being a new teacher comes with its own challenges, but this school year presents particularly unusual circumstances. Despite that, Randall is enjoying becoming a part of the Seabury community. “Everybody is very friendly, very helpful to me being a new teacher.” He says, “I’m just enjoying the enthusiasm of the children wanting to learn science — just being nice people.” Randall is teaching sixth and seventh grade science this year and comes to Seabury with a plethora of experiences.

“This is my fifth school that I’ve taught at,” says Randall. “ I’ve taught in different countries; I’ve taught in inner city schools; I’ve taught in Orthodox Jewish schools. I’ve taught in a range of different schools and this is a very pleasant experience.”

Originally from Gloucester, England, Randall has had many experiences as a teacher and a student: “I went to university in Leicester, in England. I spent five years in Leicester before becoming a teacher.” Says Randall, “my degrees were physics with space science and technology.” After university, Randall spent a year doing research before eventually going back to school to receive his degree in education.

After receiving his degree, Randall spent several years teaching in England before coming to the United States. In addition to living in California and Nevada, Randall has also spent time traveling around the world, having spent some time in South Korea before finally settling in Kansas.

After receiving several science degrees, why did Randall decide to become a teacher? “For me, teaching is a way for me to help solve a lot of the world’s problems,” says Randall. “I also care a lot about people in general, and as a teacher you can really positively impact the lives of young people in a very profound way.” Randall adds that he also simply enjoys working with children: “I think the honesty of children as well, you know when people get older they often build up walls and masks, metaphorical masks, and you can never quite tell who somebody is, but with children there is a real honesty to communicating with them.”

When he is not teaching, Randall enjoys hiking and spending time outdoors with animals. One might not have guessed, but Randall is also involved in karate. “I’m a karate instructor. I no longer instruct, but I like to train just by myself and keep fit and healthy that way.” In addition to his other hobbies, Randall also enjoys music, movies, television and history.

Randall’s love of educating extends beyond the classroom. “Anybody who’s interested, like friends and people on social media, I also like to try and educate them on important issues.” Specifically, Randall says that “climate change is probably the biggest issue right now facing the planet,” but he also focuses on “things with the virus.” 

It is a pleasure to welcome Mr. Randall to the Seabury community!