Review: The Dragon Prince

Lately I think everyone can agree life is pretty stressful, but I have found that a great way to relax is to watch animated children’s shows. It might sound a little silly, but seriously, give it a try. After watching several series over the past few months, I recently started watching the Netflix series “The Dragon Prince,” and honestly, I love it.

The show follows Callum and his half brother Ezran, the two princes of the kingdom of Katolis, and the moonshadow-elf Rayla on their mission to return the egg of the Dragon Prince that was stolen by humans from Xadia. Personally, I love the animation style and character design in this show. Callum may sound familiar to some, as he is voiced by Jack de Sena, the voice actor of Sokka from “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” 

One thing that really stood out to me about this show was the spectrum of characters. Callum and Ezran are a part of a mixed family and one character, a female military general, is deaf and communicates through sign language. Rayla is depicted as a strong, smart female character, one of many in the show. Callum expresses his love for magic and drawing, which conflicts with learning how to battle and sword fight. He embraces what he enjoys rather than what others have thrust upon him. There is a wide range of characters with varying appearances, abilities and sexualities, and I feel that this is something crucial to embrace in a show made for a younger audience.

While the first season aired in 2018, the show is ongoing and is confirmed to have a fourth season in the works. The series combines action and wholesome humor perfectly, I can’t recommend “The Dragon Prince” enough.


5/5 anchors