Fishop Pondbury Jr


Andrew Lang

Most of the students at Seabury view the new building as the best extension to the school this year, but some select students and faculty would argue that the greatest addition to the school is the Seabury pond. Although bleak and dreary at first glance, the new Seabury pond is very lively and is slowly becoming a beacon of happiness and excitement for the people of Seabury.

According to Science Department Chair Kara Schrader, construction of the small pond was funded by a grant, for which former faculty member Chris Bryan applied. On the purpose of the Seabury pond, Schrader says, “I think that part of it is to have some outdoor aesthetic value, and a lot of it has to do with being able to do some science outdoors.” 

As for the benefits of the pond, Schrader says, “I think it’s great to have some water on campus, especially right now since we can’t very easily take field trips; it’s really nice to just be able to have some water and some wildlife; of course, there will be more later.”

The Seabury pond will be completed in the latter half of October, so students and faculty should be prepared to have lots of fun and good times at the Seabury pond.