Movie Night


Edie Patterson, Writer

Between the always-heated pumpkin contest and students wearing costumes to school, Seabury’s Halloween activities are never boring, but this year brings a new addition: Movie Night. The idea originated in an 11th grade Form Meeting. Junior Student Senate representative Ivan Calderon says, “One of my classmates messaged me with the suggestion that we try a socially-distanced movie night instead of the Halloween carnival we do every year.” Calderon then “decided to propose that idea to Student Senate as soon as [he] could.”
Each grade has picked their own movie to watch. The eighth grade is watching the original “Ghostbusters” movie, and representative Elyse Hammann says, “The people [in her grade] who weren’t in Student Senate were really involved with deciding the movie,” which they did through a Google Form that each class’s Senate representatives sent out.
The junior class decided on “The Ring,” with Calderon saying that “the movie choices were heavily dependent on the student body since we had them choose the selection of movies as well as vote for which one they wanted the most.”
The new Movie Night seems to be very popular with students: Hammann says her grade is “really excited for Movie Night!” and that it “could become a tradition if there is a lot of participation and good feedback,” which means that for this year and maybe more, Seabury has another fun Halloween festivity!