La Parrilla Latin American Cuisine

Campbell Helling

In 1999, La Parrilla made its debut in Lawrence KS, but unfortunately the restaurant closed in 2013. Now, the restaurant has been revived by the previous owners. Situated on Mass St., the outside gives off a welcoming vibe, with big windows that show off the inside. Because I used the carry out service, I did not have the chance to go in. To order carry out, the website provided a way to order food easily. The menu was displayed and I could add items to the cart with ease. This made the whole process very fast. The items’ prices ranged from relatively inexpensive to somewhat expensive, but overall it was an affordable meal. 

To pick up the meal, I had to call the restaurant’s phone number and request for my food to be brought out.  Then someone carried it to the car quickly. Because the food was already paid for, this whole process was quick. 

I ordered the Suiza Chicken Enchiladas, which also came with rice. Overall I enjoyed the meal. The enchiladas were covered in cheese, and the only ingredient wrapped in the tortilla was the chicken. Personally I prefer less meat, but it was good nonetheless. Finally, a sauce surrounded the enchiladas; this flavor was foreign to me but I was pleasantly surprised. Overall the enchiladas were simpler than expected, but I would eat them again. 

My only complaint is that the menu does not provide item descriptions. I did not know the ingredients or spices in what I ordered, so I felt as if I were taking a gamble with them. Also, for those with allergies or dietary restrictions, the menu did not provide insight to potential unwanted ingredients. But altogether, La Parrilla is definitely a good choice for a meal, and the pick-up and carry out were especially easy.

4.5/5 anchors