Review: “The Mandalorian” Season Two

5/5 Anchors

Catharine Richards, Copy

Star Wars fans were definitely elated to hear about the release of a new series last year, and quite the anticipation had been built about the return of “The Mandalorian” for a second season this winter. The special effects, visuals and actors earned many accolades for their work in the first season, and personally I think that the brilliance has carried well into the second season. The special effects, sets and costume designs are all up to the quality of the Star Wars movies and make for an incredible viewing experience. While not all the episodes have been released as of this publication date, I have no doubt that the concluding episodes of the season will be just as excellent.

As for the plot, the Mandalorian has been tasked with finding other Mandalorians across the galaxy to help him return the Child (a very young yoda) to others of his kind, and of course they run into a few adventures along the way. While most viewers already know and love “baby Yoda,” I feel that other characters in the show that make more than a one-time appearance are built up very well. To the delight of many fans, certain characters from various parts of the Star Wars franchise (specifically the “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” animated series) have made long awaited appearances thus far (I’m really trying to be vague here for those who haven’t caught up yet, but I think you catch my drift).

Pedro Pascal, who plays the Mandalorian, deserves all the praise for being able to express such clear emotions while wearing a helmet 99.9% of the time. Acting through body language rather than facial expressions creates a unique experience for the viewers that is very rarely seen.

Anyone can enjoy this TV show, whether a casual fan or super fan. “The Mandalorian” series offers us another fascinating look into the beloved Star Wars universe, and it’s certainly worth watching.