Putting the ‘Win’ in Winter

Fun Committee saves Seabury community from frigidness


Campbell Helling, Copy

It’s that time of year. Right around January and February, the temperature drops and blue skies become rare. Homework seems to pick up and students desperately wish for warmth and rest, but rarely do the weekends allow anyone to renew. Especially during COVID, this time of year is hard. Mask-wearing and constant social distancing can drain energy and happiness. But, luckily for the Seabury community, the Fun Committee is here to save the day!

For the past few weeks, the Fun Committee has hijacked the PA system and announced something fun for the next day. They have planned activities, including the KC Wolf mascot’s tour, Valentine’s Day sweet treats, and all the dress-down days this semester. Although the members of the committee want to remain anonymous, their intentions are not secret. Explaining why the group was formed, a member, who wishes to go by the pseudonym Jolene Doe, says, “We felt sorry that the kids were having to go through winter and it was so blah. And so we said ‘You know what, we need a Fun Committee’ just to think of fun things to do for the kids.” 

As for why Doe joined the Fun Committee, she says, “I love to surprise the kids, and I think it’s really fun when they get excited. I can hear screaming in the hallways from the classrooms, and I think that’s my favorite part. I love that.” The anonymous faculty member also describes her co-members’ love for formulating fun, especially the announcements: “Actually, they kind of fight to announce it. They sort of love doing that and want to do it.”

Another anonymous member of the Fun Committee, going by Joanne Appleseed, agrees that the aftermath of announcements is the best part, saying, “I think the best thing is when somebody makes the announcement over the intercom, and you can hear the cheering and screaming.” Regarding why Fun Committee members have stayed unknown to the school, she says, “Honestly, just to make things more interesting, I guess. I mean, everything is a little bit more fun if it’s a surprise.” 

Despite the recent snow days, Appleseed was particularly excited about Lunar New Year: “Well, I was really looking forward to making dumplings for Lunar New Year.” Some eagerly anticipated this project, Appleseed reports: “I have been approached eagerly by some [students] who were looking forward to dumplings.”

Along with that holiday celebration, students have enjoyed even non-culinary activities. Recalling her favorites so far, seventh-grader Juliet Outka says, “I really liked the Valentine’s Day and the hotdogs.” But no matter what activities come, she looks forward to every Fun Committee announcement, especially those about dress-down days: “I get really excited because usually, we have to pay, and then it’s just [random]. We don’t know when it’s going to happen, and it’s a really nice surprise.”