Review – Barbwire BBQ

Matthew Petillo, Copy

0.5/5 Anchors

Before I get to the food portion of this review, I have to start with their health and safety issues. During a pandemic, it is never acceptable to walk around without a mask, even if you are outside, and especially if you have no outside seating, and only allow for pickup. To allow customers to walk around without masks, especially when they are only allowing pickup and delivery at the moment, is completely and utterly unacceptable. I cannot recommend a place which so blatantly ignores health guidelines.

Barbwire BBQ is a small place which, from what I can tell, is in the middle of what can be considered downtown Eudora. The actual pickup process was not that hard–I ordered online, walked in, gave them my name, and they gave me all my food. They were slow at getting people through the line and actually getting people their food, however; the day I went there was the Super Bowl, and they were running about 30 minutes behind. There was no in-person eating, so people were allowed to sit at their tables while they waited.

I got three things: their brisket, their turkey and their smoked chicken wings. The brisket and smoked turkey were alright–nothing to drive 20 minutes for. The brisket was forgettable–even with the BBQ sauce, it was not the best. The smoked turkey was dry, which made it hard to chew. There were 4 different types of BBQ sauce provided–I tried regular and spicy, and although they did not help make up for the mediocrity of the turkey and the brisket, it was good. The small smoked chicken wings were the best thing I had from the place; they actually tasted quite good, and would probably be the only thing I would eat should I choose to go back there. 

Overall, it is not worth driving to the restaurant, if you live in Lawrence, for the sole purpose of eating here, especially during a pandemic, as they refuse to enforce safety guidelines.