What Teachers Were up to Over Break

Sage McHenry, Copy

While the students were relaxing, what were the faculty members of Seabury up to over spring break? 

“The other day I learned about this radical Guamanian crepe suzette recipe,” says faculty member Eric Nelson. He spent the break binge watching all of  “The Great British Baking Show” and practicing his flower arrangement skills. 

Faculty member Sara Asher accomplished her life long dream of opening an underground rhinoceros fighting ring in Greenland. “When trying to decide on a location for my ‘new business,’ Greenland was the first place that came to mind! Bright, sunny, isolated, far away from civilization,” says Asher, chuckling. 

Faculty member Sonja Czarnecki also sought out new terrain by booking a one way ticket to Las Vegas, Nevada to “blow off some steam,” says Czarnecki. “I managed to blow all of my kids’ college funds, break a slot machine, and get kicked out of Caesar’s Palace all in one night!” 

Faculty member Brian Rios traveled to a monastery and took a vow of silence as part of his journey of becoming a monk. “….,” says Rios. 

When asked what they thought of Rios’s new undertaking, “I wish,” the entire student body said.