Review: Kong vs Godzilla

4.5/5 Anchors

Jonah Kim, Copy

The newest installment in the MonsterVerse movies was released on HBO Max on March 31st, and the film did not disappoint. The highly anticipated Godzilla vs. Kong smashed box office records, reeling in the most cash of any movie released since the pandemic began. So what made everyone want to watch this move? Well, it’s pretty simple: it depicts a giant gorilla duking it out with a giant lizard who can shoot lasers out of his mouth. Who wouldn’t want to see a movie like that with a 165 million dollar budget? Nobody — the answer is nobody. The CGI battles of the two titans are entertaining and action packed, and never in this movie is there too much of a break in between gorilla-lizard showdowns. 

If you are looking for a movie with oscar-worthy acting performances, however, you will not find them in Godzilla vs Kong. Even with a cast including Millie Bobby Brown, the acting is not much to write home about. But nobody should be complaining about that, because the title of the movie suggests nothing about good acting. If you are the type of person to complain that the movie is just a monkey fighting a lizard, then please read the title closer and stay away. But, again, who doesn’t want to see Godzilla and King Kong use Hong Kong like a UFC octagon?

The only concern some people had with the movie is that the trailer revealed too much about the movie, with Kong shown clearly as the favorite. Without spoiling the movie, there is plenty more to be viewed than the brief fight scenes in the trailer. This is a movie everyone can enjoy. Although loosely based on prior films, Kong vs Godzilla can be viewed and thoroughly enjoyed by someone who has never seen a King Kong or Godzilla movie.

Overall, Kong vs Godzilla is a great movie to watch to enjoy the action and special effects, and also one of the best movies released during the pandemic.