Review: Lucky Seb’s

5/5 Anchors

Matthew Petillo, Copy

Lucky Seb’s Dumpling Bar and Grill (Lucky Seb’s) takes up space in an out of the way location, right off the corner of 23rd and Iowa. They currently split the space that they rent with La Estrella, a taco joint and Mexican grocery store, which is currently renovating its own space. Notable for its schedule (it only opens Friday and Saturday currently), handmade interior decoration that is reminiscent of a backstreet restaurant and ever-changing menu with crazy dumplings, after eating here, I’m surprised that the restaurant isn’t more popular. Although only opening on March 5th, this is some of the best food that I’ve ever had in Lawrence.

Ordering my food was quick and easy – they have a counter where you order, and then you take a seat and they will bring your food to you. Alternatively, if you still don’t sit down inside restaurants, they offer take-out services and outdoor seating. Sitting at the bar, you can see the food made right in front of you, fresh and to order. The person I talked with, who I believe was the owner, Will Soo, was giving instructions out to first time eaters of soup dumplings, and was incredibly friendly. 

The main focus of this restaurant is on the dumplings. The night I went there, they had their two staples – pork and vegetable – and the special, Pho Soup dumplings. I ordered the pork and Pho Soup dumplings. They were absolutely delicious. These aren’t your typical gyoza dumplings – rather, they are thick skinned, absolutely full of meaty and soupy goodness. I also tried the XO Fried Rice, which included fried chicken. It was, without a doubt, the best fried rice I have ever had, despite the heart attack inducing sauces and ingredients. Instead of using traditional long grain white rice, Seb’s uses medium grain brown rice, which gives it a pleasant creamy flavor. They also serve soup, which also changes weekly. They say that you can tell the quality of a restaurant by its soup, and by that standard, the Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato soup that I tasted says that this restaurant is outstanding.

Even if you only go for the dumplings, you would be missing out on something unique and amazing by skipping this restaurant.