POV: Mask Wearing

Edie Patterson, Copy

During the winter, the U.S. saw historically low rates of flu transmission, due primarily to COVID procedures, particularly mask wearing. As more people get vaccinated and a post-pandemic world nears, some wonder: having seen the advantages and disadvantages of masks, should people continue wearing masks after the pandemic?

“Although I am now fully vaccinated, it is honestly weird to think about not wearing a mask,” says junior Shea Hanna. “I think if someday I’m not feeling super good I’ll put a mask on.” She adds, “I will definitely be wearing masks on planes for a long time.” While she thinks that masks will be around for a while, Hanna is still excited to attend concerts and larger events after restrictions loosen.

Many at Seabury are looking forward to similar things in the future, but some have different views on wearing masks during events. “I would be comfortable going in public without a mask, as long as the other people around me are comfortable with it as well,” says sophomore Noah Luke. “With the 99% recovery probability for young people, I’m not very concerned about contracting the virus.” When asked what he is excited to do post-Covid, Luke says, “I am looking forward to going back into arenas and stadiums at full capacity for both sports games and concerts.”

Douglas County officials are not quite ready to loosen up restrictions. Recently, they extended the mask order for public businesses. “[People visiting] public businesses should wear masks until everyone has the vaccine,” sixth grader Charlie Maples says.

Student opinions differ on when mask policies should be loosened. “I think it’s okay to relax some of the policies, because lots of people are getting vaccinated, but…it’s important to remember that this is still happening and could still get worse,” says seventh grader Madeline Williams. Although mask wearing will no longer be enforced after cases decline further, most students agree that masks will still be useful and beneficial in the future.