Bishop Run-bury

Middle school track team is recent yet robust


Campbell Helling, Copy

In 2019, Bishop Seabury saw the emergence of several new sports programs, among them middle school track and field. As Morning Meeting announcements have made clear, the new team has had a very successful inaugural season.  “We were able to get in three pretty good meets,” says coach Brian Anderson, “and next year we’re going to try and get more.” He had scheduled three meets in 2019, but because they were all rained-out, no runners competed that year. 

Although the middle-schoolers compete on real tracks, they do not practice on them. That’s a struggle, according to Anderson: “We [used] that grass track that I had for awhile, but then it started raining and it kind of put that out…The hardest part is getting on a track.” Another challenge regards the younger runners. “The sixth graders…have to compete against eighth graders and seventh graders,” Anderson says, making it harder for those younger students to medal and place.

Despite these difficulties, the team has experienced quite a bit of success. Mirroring the infamous Morning Meeting announcements, Anderson says, “They’re all getting PR’s and season bests and stuff like that.” They are also not foreign to breaking school and meet records either, as mentioned in many Morning Meetings.

Although the young runners have experienced some difficulties, they are clearly killing it. Congrats to the new middle school track team!