Choices, Choices

New classes are offered to Seabury Students


Sage McHenry, Copy

For years Seabury has had the basic core electives. Choir, Art, Weights, and Drama are all very popular classes amongst the student body. But this year, as the school jumps into the first semester, many new electives are being added. 

“I saw that [the class] was about watching and analyzing movies which definitely sparked my interest,” says sophomore Miles Whisenant. As part of the new Film Appreciation class, taught by faculty member Doug Weaver, students have been discussing various popular and influential films. 

Film Appreciation is not the only new arts elective this year. Instrumental Music, taught by faculty member Luke Helker, is being offered as a course.“My favorite part of the class is learning with students about music and playing in a group,” says sixth grader Kostas Jackson. Jackson, along with other students, have been practicing with various songs including “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Obuorne.

Another addition to some 11th and 12th grade schedules is Space Science, taught by faculty member Rupert Randall. “The class is kind of structured on how space works, why we have seasons, distance between planets, why is the earth tilted on an axis…we’ve learned about some constellations too,” says junior Elizabeth Allen. There are also a few afterschool events planned for the course. “We are going to be going outside one night and looking at the stars. Then we will camp out in the gym, watch some movies, and play some games in the dark.”

Now that these new classes are being offered, students will be able to explore their potential in different applications of art and science. Hopefully as time goes on, more additions to available electives will be made as the school grows.