REVIEW: Vegas Banana

Marie Brockhoff, Copy Co-Editor

Imagine you’re strolling through South Park on a sweltering October afternoon. You are starving and half melted, seized by a craving for a refreshing sweet treat. Then, right next to the sidewalk, you spot a tiny blue and white trailer decorated with sunny banana graphics, and celebration ensues. You have stumbled upon the Vegas Banana food cart, owned and operated by Kellen VanEck and Braelyn Fisher, a local duo who peddles frozen bananas. 

For those who have never experienced the delights of frozen bananas, imagine a combination of a fruity popsicle and a chocolate-coated ice cream bar. Vegas Banana’s staple menu item is the Choco Banana, which consists of a banana coated in chocolate then frozen. I found the flavors deliciously balanced–sweet and fruity without being overly sugary. Additionally, Vegas Banana offers many variations on rotation, including the Loaded Banana (the Choco rolled in peanuts for a salty crunch) and a Pumpkin Spice Banana (a seasonal item). They also offer various cold beverages. I sampled the Blood Lavender drink, which was not as sweet as I expected but still enjoyably herbal and citrusy. 

Vegas Banana’s hours are irregular since it is a food cart, but it is typically open afternoons Thursday through Sunday. I messaged the vendors via Instagram at vegas_banana to confirm their schedule before visiting, and they were exceptionally responsive and friendly. After I ordered, the vendor even told me about several upcoming events, including free pumpkin crafts Halloween weekend. 

Overall, Vegas Banana walks the line between a snack bar and a dessert joint, making it the perfect stop for a relatively healthy afternoon treat. It’s hard to go wrong supporting friendly Lawrence vendors, and I highly recommend giving the colorful food cart a try.