REVIEW: Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli

Jonah Kim, Copy Co-Editor

After leaving a permanent legacy on the National Football League with four Super Bowls between them, I think the Manning brothers have found their next level in football greatness. With ten TV spots assigned this year, the Manning brothers have taken up hosting America’s beloved Monday Night Football on ESPN. 

The broadcast is set up in a zoom style arrangement with Peyton and Eli in their own boxes and the game in another. Instead of normal play-by-play and color commentary, Peyton and Eli crack jokes and provide a player’s insight on what’s happening in the game. The brothers consistently call out what coverage the defense is in and predict what play is next. During the game, they also take time to break down plays and show where the quarterback should have thrown the ball. Instead of watching a football game with analysts and commentators, it feels like watching a game with friends that know a lot about football.

Along with their insightful and funny commentary, they have three to four guests make an appearance per show, from the likes of Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce to tbe second best NBA player of all time, Lebron James. (Jordan is and always will be the GOAT). Some guests contribute more than others with a highlight being Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski revealing that he has never watched film in his professional career. On the other side of the spectrum, when Seahawks quarterback Russel Wilson made an appearance, he was going back and forth with the Manning brothers just talking football. That moment sold me on the broadcast and I knew it would be a hit throughout the country.

From endless jokes about Peyton’s abnormally large head to actually learning more about the chess match that is a football game, the Manningcast is certainly here to stay and should be part of every football fan’s Monday night.