Spotlight: Ms. Simpson


Sage McHenry, Copy

If you swing by room 302 while making your way down the middle school hallway, chances are you have seen Seabury’s new World Religions teacher, faculty member Jenny Simpson. Her cozy classroom and infectious laugh are surely inviting to all students who happen by. Simpson and her husband, faculty member Will Whipple, began teaching at Seabury this fall. “Last year I was a full time PhD. student and GTA [graduate teaching assistant].” Prior to that, she attended school at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee.

Outside of her academic life Simpson enjoys various hobbies, including “doing yoga, eating good food, walking [her] dog, reading, traveling and hanging out with family,” she says. One of her defining characteristics is being “objectively the best aunt” to her 13 nieces and nephews. Aside from her family duties, she is also quite adventurous. “If you bought me a plane ticket, I think I would go anywhere,” she says. “I will also try anything twice.”

Although she just began teaching at Seabury, Simpson has previous connections to the school. “My little brother graduated from Seabury, and he was not a fan of school, but he still loved Seabury and loves it to this day. My mom is obsessed with Seabury. It was her dream for Mr. Whipple and me to work here someday,” says Simpson. “[Seabury] really is a fun place . . . . Whether it is Mr. Nelson’s antics at lunch or Dr. Schawang’s monologues in morning meeting . . . People don’t seem to be afraid to be themselves, to be silly and to have fun here. I really enjoy that.”

With an intelligent mind, a big heart and a bright smile, Ms. Simpson has made a wonderful addition to the Seabury community, and we cannot wait to see what more she will bring to the school.