Spotlight: Marco Raro Moreno


Jonah Kim, Copy

You might not have seen much of him as he just arrived at Seabury a little over a month ago, but you will certainly see more of him this basketball season. This student, Marco Raro Moreno, just joined the senior class mid September. While Moreno is from Barcelona, Spain and is a big soccer fan, basketball is his main sport.

“In soccer, the games are too long and you have to wait for something interesting to happen,” Moreno explains. “In basketball it’s more frantic, and it’s faster. More things happen in less time.” Moreno says he plans to play for the school basketball team this year, and his favorite NBA team is the Charlotte Hornets. 

Attending a new school in another country for  senior year can bring a lot of change, and Moreno certainly agrees. “It’s different,” he says. “Everything is strange. People are nice all the time, and I spend all day moving classes. In Spain we always stayed in the same classroom.” 

Moreno says he misses a lot about Spain, but especially the food. Moreno’s favorite food is tortilla de patatas, a dish that consists mainly of egg and potatoes. 

What you may not know about Moreno is his love for coding. He loves all coding languages, and he says he uses “everything” when it comes to coding. Moreno is working on a top secret project right now that he did not choose to disclose.

So, whether you see him on the court or coding on his laptop, make sure to say hello the next time you see Moreno, and you might be able to find out about his secret project.