REVIEW: Ted Lasso, Season Two

Xiang Zhang, Copy

The second season of “Ted Lasso,” which details Wichita State football coach Ted Lasso coaching top level English soccer, just finished. From AFC Richmond’s heartbreaking relegation in Season One, Season Two shows Richmond striving for promotion back into the Premier League as well as Richmond’s performance in the FA Cup. Although football is life, the focus of the show was always on the characters, and they really pulled through.

Brett Goldstein’s Roy Kent was absolutely fantastic, and his dynamics with Keeley and Phoebe were as on point as ever. Jamie Tartt’s continued development was well done, and of course, Ted Lasso himself was as inspiring as ever. Yet, the best part of the show was how the writers handled the minor characters. Almost everyone got their own little storyline, and the writers really do a great job of fleshing everybody out. There is a lot more depth to every character compared to season one.

Some of the soccer references were hilarious, like the appearance of Thierry Henry, but the season overall suffered somewhat from the relative lack of actual soccer and a clumsier plot in general. As a whole, not all of the episodes really worked together as cohesively as you would expect, and the two “filler” episodes felt off and strangely placed. Especially with some of the heavier themes introduced, the difference between seasons one and two is easily felt. For those looking for the same silly, joyful show about an American D2 football coach in England, the show is not the same.

Fortunately though, most of what made season one a hit is still here in Season Two. The jokes land, the silliness is fun, and personally, I can’t help but cheer for AFC Richmond.