REVIEW: Sid & Nancy’s

Sage McHenry, Copy

With black walls, neon green accents and cold metal furniture, Sid & Nancy’s does not give off the cozy aesthetic that most cafes do. The coffee and custard shop sits at 947 New Hampshire St. in downtown Lawrence. The menu features many different kinds of coffees and lattes, as well as a multitude of syrup flavors to add in. Although the custard flavors are limited to only vanilla, chocolate and pumpkin spice, there are many other kinds of frozen treats offered including ice cream cookie sandwiches and malted shakes. 

I ordered a vanilla malted shake, and my friend had a chocolate shake. Both drinks were reasonably priced and pretty tasty. Though based on what I gathered from my order, Sid & Nancy’s seems to be a semi-unnecessary addition to Lawrence’s downtown. It is difficult to be wildly impressed with the cafe’s drinks and custards when just down the street are well-established and well-loved businesses such as La Prima Tazza or Sylas and Maddy’s. Compared to these institutions, Sid & Nancy’s does not match up.

The mediocrity of this business is not the only bone I have to pick with it. The name Sid & Nancy’s references a horrific murder that should not be used to convey a punk aesthetic. Punk rock band bassist Sid Vicious was arrested for the murder of his at-the-time girlfriend Nancy Spungen. Vicious tragically died awaiting trial. This dark situation does not seem like appropriate inspiration for the name of the cafe. It is inconsiderate and frankly disrespectful.

Overall, Sid & Nancy’s made an unremarkable impression on me. The only things worth noting abouting the cafe are its average food, subpar atmosphere and unpleasant name. To say the least, Sid & Nancy’s left a bad taste in my mouth.