Middle School Editorial

Xeva Oldridge

Should anyone be able to celebrate Christmas? I think yes. Absolutely. One of the beautiful things about religion is that it sparks joy and brings hope. It is relying on faith for comfort and support. Christmas serves as this support for many people in need. The weather might be cold, but the spirits are warm. 

Christmas can make people give back in ways they would not in other times of the year, such as Salvation Army bell ringers which only come around in the Christmas season. The energy around Christmas is generally delightful and beautiful and can light up a town.

Christmas can create memories that will resonate with you your entire life. It can bring families together and unite a lot of humankind. Think of the magical service our choir program presents every year for Christmas; that tradition holds a special place in Seabury culture and brings glee to the people that go see it. 

Though Christmas is a religious holiday, it holds a place in the hearts of many non-religious people out there. The joy and love that Christmas ignites should always want to be shared. People deserve to be given that fleeting spark of merry. 

Although it does come from Christianity, as long as the people who are choosing to celebrate the holiday respect and recognize where it came from, I think it is right for anyone who chooses to celebrate this beautiful season. 

People all over the world have taken Christmas and let it become an unrelenting tradition that is important to all who celebrate it, no matter what. It is meant to be shared and appreciated by all.