REVIEW: Weekend Album

Andrew Lang, Copy

Following his chart-topping album “After Hours,” Canadian record producer The Weeknd released his fifth and newest project, “Dawn FM.” The album, in stark contrast to his previous works, shoots for a more 80’s synth pop vibe, incorporating somewhat of a “psychedelic radio” concept with the music.

The album features guest vocals from the likes of Lil Wayne and Tyler, the Creator and narration from the Weeknd’s real life neighbor, Jim Carrey. The first and title track perfectly sums up the album: dreamy, synthy, and very familiar. The track “Gasoline” displays an 80’s new wave influence, with a digital and keyboard-heavy sound that may remind of Michael Jackson in ways. The eighth track, “Here We Go… Again” has a strong feature from Tyler, the Creator, who fits in quite well with the flow of the song. As well, Lil Wayne’s signature nasal and raspy vocals on “I Heard You’re Married” help lay foundation for the album’s various vocal styles, and contradicts the Weeknd’s voice in the best way possible. Some high points on the album include “Starry Eyes,” “A Tale By Quincy” and “Best Friends.”

Despite the set-in-stone concepts of the albums, “Dawn FM” may seem very, VERY repetitive in parts. The album definitely has lots of stylistic variation to offer, but many songs sound almost alike when compared to one another. Though the 80’s new wave vibe is not often replicated in contemporary music, many listeners may feel bored of “that same old song and dance.” In totality, “Dawn FM” is fulfilling, artistic and inspiring, but a diversity in songwriting is also welcome.