The Pop-Tart Scandal

Middle schoolers discover a frightening frosting deficit


Lear Eicher, Copy

BREAKING NEWS–In recent Seabury history, a group of seventh graders opened a box of Pop-Tarts that, to their understandable shock and dismay, did not have enough frosting. And, what’s more, the students reached out to the brand and received a response…. Let’s run it back to the beginning: seventh grader Hayden Koch, the primary victim, recounts how it all started. “I bought a Pop-Tart from the Snack Shack, I opened it up, and only like half of it had frosting on it,” says Koch. As with many points of public fascination at Seabury, faculty member William Whipple had a part to play. “Mr. Whipple joked about like, ‘Oh, we should post it on Instagram or Twitter or something and @ them.’” And so they did, resulting in one of the most captivating turn of events in recent memory.

In any good crime story, it is always imperative that more than one testimony be heard. Seventh grader Charlotte Helling, another witness of the frosted injustice, recalls it this way: “[Hayden] got to the classroom for third-period math class, and she opened it and was like, ‘OMG, my Pop-Tart is only half frosted!’” Oh, the humanity! Upon receiving her response from Pop-Tarts, Helling says that she “liked the message, and I showed everyone, and Hayden started to DM them about everything, and we don’t know if she’s gotten [anything back] yet.”

Seventh grader Vee Asher, a friend of Koch’s, swiftly jumped to action upon hearing about Pop-Tart’s frosting debacle. “So I posted it on Instagram, Reddit, TikTok,” says Asher. “We all tagged Pop-Tarts.” Just shortly in, our story has already reached a fever pitch of utter suspense. What could happen next?!

“Two of us got a response, Charlotte and I,” says seventh-grader Sofie Nordengaard.

“So then the next day, Charlotte was like, “I got a response from Pop-Tarts and they just said, ‘[Not our best look!] Tell your friend to DM us and we’ll fix this,’” 

“So we did that and then they responded and they were like, ‘We would love to help, but we need blah blah blah box number, bar code, and all this stuff,’ and we were like, ‘We could probably make that work,’” says Hayden Koch.

As far as we can tell, there has luckily been no need to alert the authorities as of yet, nor has any seventh-grader involved received anything from Pop-Tarts as reconciliation for the company’s frosting shortcomings, but the Chronicle staff are on the edge of our idiomatic seats staying tuned for new developments! Until then, you may want to bring some of your own extra frosting to school for any Pop-Tart-related Snack Shack purchases.