Review: La Pasadita Taqueria

Katie Eckert, Copy Co-Editor

It is a cold, freezing day in Lawrence, Kansas, and you find yourself craving the tastiness of some tacos, or perhaps a quesadilla. Trust me on this: of all the options you have to satisfy this craving, Taqueria La Pasadita is one of the best.

Opened by the local Andrade family late last year, La Pasadita is a small building at 19th and Mass St. that specializes in Mexican street food. The menu is simple and organized by fillings and ways to eat them. If you are up for tacos or a burrito, they have that; but they also have tortas and gringas, mexican soft drinks and a twinkie-like treat called a gansito. Sometimes they even have seasonal offerings such as tamales and tripas. 

While I personally ate a birria gringa, which is a quesadilla stuffed with a traditional stewed meat, I also ordered beef tacos and a chicken burrito. The gringa was very tasty and very filling, though I was not expecting the large slices of jalapeno. Not every item on their menu is spicy, but the things that are are very much so. As long as you know what you are ordering, you should have no problems getting some tasty food.

In the future, I look forward to trying different combinations of fillings and dishes, or maybe trying a gansito. Their prices are pretty decent for the food they serve, neither more expensive nor significantly cheaper than other similar places in town. You won’t get a huge spread of refried beans and rice, but you also do not need that with how filling and good their food is. All things considered, there is really only one problem: the parking situation is awful. You may have to be up for a nice walk if you cannot find a space in their small lot. Putting that aside, I hope this place stays open for a long time.