Leslie McCaffrey

Seabury Bowling team wins championship, with one minor hiccup

Campbell Helling, Copy

Last Friday, at the Bowling Championship, the Seabury Bowling team made headlines when head coach Leslie McCaffrey got sucked into the bowling ball retriever and spent eight years underground. 

“One minute I was rejoicing in Seabury’s domination, the next I’m slithering through the moving tunnel like a snake and then suddenly dropped 20 feet. It was horrific,” McCaffrey says. “I lost a shoe and my dignity.”

Despite the solitude and loneliness, she described the experience as “a life-changing experience. You know, I never get breaks off like that ever,” McCaffery reminisces.

“To pass the time, there was a lot of desperate screaming for help,” the coach says with a wink. “It’s a wonder my voice hasn’t given out! Perhaps the socks I ate helped.” 

McCaffrey’s tale is one of hope and perseverance. “It’s easy to hallucinate a win at go-fish against a shoe,” she says as parting advice. “I recommend it if you need an ego boost.”