Anchoring In

New students share their first impressions of the school


New English teacher Mrs. Amanda Lovett explains quote sandwiches to the sixth grade class.

Shea Spiess, Copy

With a fresh school year underway, Head of School Don Schawang begins to “ca-caw” his way down the halls and the Seabury community gains new students of all ages. These students, after experiencing the school’s inner workings, have already formed opinions about what they have seen and heard. “I hadn’t heard a lot about Seabury before coming, but I heard that everyone was really nice, which is kind of what I was looking for,” says sophomore Neela Rangarajan. “Everyone I’ve met so far is just so kind and genuinely happy to be here.” 

Sixth grader Addisu Newell agrees. “[Seabury] is a very good school and it taught really good stuff, and it is one of the best schools academically,” he says.

On the other hand, some students had reservations before attending. “I heard that there was a dress code, and that made me not want to come, but I heard it had gotten removed, so I was like, ‘Okay cool!’” says 9th grader Tucker Thompson. “I also heard that the classes were hard.”

Returning students may be accustomed to Schawang’s analogies or Faculty Member Eric Nelson’s convoluted stories at morning meeting that suddenly become sports advertisements, but newcomers are just getting started. “I mean, it’s a lot different than my own school, but I like the chaos. It’s awesome,” says seventh grader Layla Andre.

So far, the school year has started off strong with the Bathroom Enthusiasts Club and senior Beck Oldridge announcing the rave. Andre goes on to say that one of her favorite things about Seabury so far is how “a lot of the people here are really nice, I like the teachers. A lot of stuff is my favorite.” 

All Seabury students know that the one thing that keeps us going through the year is the promise of social events and prioritizing pumpkins over academics when October rolls around. These traditions are what make Seabury the way it is. “I’m really excited for pumpkin carving because I like pumpkin carving, and I’m also excited for Spirit Week because it’s cool,” says Andre. 

Rangarajan has heard similar things. “I heard about the pumpkin carving and I heard that there is a winter formal I think.”

With the wide variety of options at Seabury, whether it be clubs, sports, events or even academics, there are going to be things that excite the new Seahawk more than others. “I get a lot of candy! Also, I’m excited for the dances. They’re really fun. My friend took me to one once,” says Andre.

“I’m excited to learn because they teach good and interesting stuff that most public schools and some private schools don’t,” says Newell.