Das Bathroom: Urine Big Trouble!

The Bathroom Enthusiast Club shuts down for good

Spencer Timkar, Copy

August 31st, 2022. Never forget. On this day, the Bathroom Enthusiasts Club came to a screeching halt. There are many alleged reasons from many sources about why Head of School Don Schawang made this decision, and it may never be possible to know the actual cause. “It could have been the [large, inappropriate image] that was drawn on the wall,” says junior Andrew Lang, the founder of the club. This is contradicted, though, by an anonymous source “close to Schwang” who says, “He was just waiting for a reason to end the club. He just didn’t like it.”

Junior Helena Gutierrez-Gibbs claims it could have been shut down because it was unsanitary. “There was an un-disinfected bathroom in there,” she says.

Gutierrez-Gibbs also brings up an interesting point on the far-reaching influence that the Bathroom Enthusiasts Club brought on the Seabury community. “It made middle school girls want to [also] put stuff in the Reese Hall bathroom.”

“We were a horizontal organization… We were just doing what we wanted to do,” says sophomore Hugh Griggs, one of the biggest proprietors of the Bathroom Enthusiasts Club. “We encouraged kids to read Orwell…[and it was because of the club that] this kid who had never made an announcement before got up and made an announcement,” says Griggs. He continues: “New leaders [of the world] stopped being produced on August 31st, 2022.” 

It is clear that the Bathroom Enthusiast Club has had a far-reaching effect on the lives of Seabury students in and outside of school. Other endeavors of the Bathroom Enthusiasts Club include a listing on Google Maps, several social media accounts, a small library and more. The Bathroom Enthusiasts Club will be greatly missed in the stalls of Seabury. “A Triumph Lost and a Renaissance burned,” says Griggs.