Review: Gemini Rights by Steve Lacy

5/5 Anchors

Andrew Lang, Copy

To begin, I’m going to attempt to make this review without shouting my utmost appraise for Steve Lacy’s music. With this in mind, Gemini Rights by Steve Lacy will be an album that has significant influence and impact on the music of the near future. 

Released on July 15th, 2022, the album is a collection of funk-influenced instrumentalism, calm and collected beats and gentle vocals, all mashed together in an awesome way. Even though it has some mature themes, the album is the epitome of an “instant classic.” Due to my love for his previous album, Apollo XXI, I expected great things from his newest work, and I was not disappointed, to keep it short. 

Every song on Gemini Rights is catchy and original. “Static” begins with an acapella piece worthy of the gods, and because of the catchiness of the song, the beginning vocals have gone viral on social media. “Mercury” is a catchy and, dare I say, groovy song brah. The album includes funky basslines, exotic harmonies, awesome melodies and about every other thing in between, all of which will never get old. Some other highlights include the snazzy beats like “Helmet” and “Buttons.”

Now, this would be no review without a mention to the album’s greatest song and single. “Bad Habit” is one of those songs that you cannot help but sing in your own time. Peaking at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, “Bad Habit” will be looked upon by this generation as “one of those songs that came out when I was younger.” I do not use this term lightly, but “Bad Habit” is a song that will be reminisced upon as culturally significant, and ultimately timeless. 

5/5 Anchors