Review: Saltwell Farm Kitchen

5/5 Anchors

Josie Kim, Copy

As food becomes increasingly pumped with preservatives, Saltwell Farm Kitchen offers a clean escape from junk with no expiration. Opened in the summer of 2021, it is already a household name because of its unique farm-to-table dining experience. Self and locally sourcing their produce, Saltwell ultimately reinforces the connection from land to stomach so easily lost in today’s prioritization of convenience over cleanliness. 

Before even tasting the food, visuals satisfy guests’ appetites. The distinctively intimate ambience is mesmerizing. Rumbling down the gravel road, a cloud of dust clears and guests are transported into a charming farmstead. Subtle music harmonizing with dissonant cicada chirps results in a pleasant tune of countryside serenity. Owners Chantel Grace and Rozz Petrozz, a couple with previous culinary success in restaurants such as Luckyberry and Ramen Bowls, introduce hospitable staff. Everything is in tempo.

Despite the impressive setting, the food steals the show. Farm grown and locally sourced produce is met in matrimony with precision and sophistication to create an elevated seven course experience. From aperitifs to tea cakes, guests slowly meander down the menu. Motifs of cheese, garlic and eggplant may appear repetitively, but varying pairings and textures create a pleasant continuity. Stars of the menu include peaches paired with whipped d’affinois, eggplant and parmesan stuffed ravioli and beef tenderloin with mashed potatoes and black plum-soy sauce reduction.

Through clean farm cuisine executed elegantly, Saltwell Farm Kitchen reminds guests that innovation is not always generated from contemporary action, but rather a new use of an ordinary practice. I departed relaxed and charmed, already excited to return. Its exceptional quality in both dining and in experience makes it a must to visit.

5/5 Anchors