Review: Terrebonne

5/5 Anchors

Hugh Griggs, Copy

845 Massachusetts Street: the new location of Terrebonne Po Boy, a Lawrence restaurant staple serving cheap and delicious Southern food for college students and Lawrencians. Terrebonne’s former location was overcrowded, and the business has, understandably, moved to a larger place on Massachusetts Street. Decorated with Southern art, bright clashing colors and littered with hot sauce bottles, the restaurant is a combination of Southern and Lawrencian culture. Even on a Monday night, the restaurant has many customers and busy cooks. 

However, Terrebonne has moved into a location once held by TCBY, Luckyberry, and Pedestrian Cheese. With all three businesses having closed after only being in the storefront for short periods of time, it seems that any restaurant there fails. Time will tell if Terrebonne will last longer than the many restaurants that preceded it in its “cursed” address.

Terrebonne has always had good food, which has undoubtedly been carried over to its place on Massachusetts Street. The service is excellent. After ordering at the front, customers have a short wait before their food arrives. Southern food sometimes has the reputation of being greasy and heavy, but Terrebonne’s food shows its range and complex flavors. Offering everything from light Alligator Po Boys to thick Jambalayas and cold milkshakes, customers have many options. Its Fried catfish Po Boy sandwich perfectly mixed flaky, oily meat with light cucumbers to make a fresh and savory meal. Terrebonne is also cheap for an independent restaurant; a catfish Po Boy and fried okra only costs twelve dollars.

Terrebonne’s new location is the continuation and growth of a long-time Lawrence staple. Hopefully it will break the streak of short-lived restaurants that have preceded it.

5/5 Anchors