Spotlight: Birdie Powers

Margaret Mulhern, Copy

As many new faces are shuffling through the Seabury Halls this year, Birdie Powers stands out with her bright attitude and sweet personality. Many people may know Birdie as the daughter of faculty member Jenny Baker-Powers, but she is a ray of sunshine ready to take on Seabury her own way.

When asked how her time at Seabury is going, Powers responds, “It’s been good. Obviously, I’m not used to passing periods and stuff, but it’s been fun!”

Outside of school, Birdie is the youngest of three children which she says she “enjoys some of the time” and likes her older sisters very much. She also has a deep love for her dogs, Dexter and Lucy. “Yes, I do account for them as part of the family,” she says.  

On the topic of school in general, Birdie says, “I have a lot of favorite teachers. I don’t really have a favorite subject.” Birdie explains that she just loves learning, although math wouldn’t be her first choice. 

Aside from her new career on the middle school volleyball team, Birdie’s face lights up when her true passion is mentioned: music, more specifically guitar. Birdie says that she takes lessons “technically from my dad.” Her favorite music to listen to right now is the 80s band, Metallica. She is not yet sure if her career will be solo or in a band, but her dream job definitely has something to do with playing the electric and acoustic guitar. 

Although Birdie may be a little shy upon approach, she has a vibrant soul with an easy-going personality. She makes intellectual and thoughtful observations, a skill that comes easily when you have her mature way with words. She has a contagious laugh, a love for the Marvel saga, her dogs and most importantly, music. Birdie is already folding smoothly into the community as she truly embodies the Seabury pillars of kindness and exploring your potential.