Review: Lizzo Concert

5/5 Anchors

Margaret Mulhern, Copy

Feministic flutist, heartwarming dialogue, political call to action, self-love fest; these are a few phrases to describe the Lizzo concert at the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City on Friday, October 14th. The tour, opened by the rapper Latto, is in support of her most recent album, Special, which debuted over the summer. Lizzo not only covered the highlights of Special, but also managed to throw in crowd favorites from past albums, such as “Boys,” “Good as Hell” and “Truth Hurts.”

Looking up from the floor of the T-Mobile Center, everyone in the audience was buzzing with excitement, on their feet cheering and dancing. Lizzo remarked that she could not do what she does without the energy of her fans, which really proved true as the atmosphere was electric and thus her performance was unmatched.

Lizzo truly cares about personally connecting with her audience. In the middle of her set, she yelled out, “Turn on the house lights!” She then spent the next twenty or so minutes thoroughly scanning the audience, reading people’s signs aloud, and addressing people by the unique outfits they were wearing. These personal connections left people feeling seen and heard in a way people do not usually get with a concert of this size.

Another distinctive quality of the concert was her political focus. Besides representatives from the League of Women Voters at the entrance gates and the giant QR codes that were posted everywhere, Lizzo took time in between songs to remind people of their civic duty to cast their vote on election day. She also focused on self-love, asking everyone to close their eyes and repeat the mantra: “I love you. You’re beautiful. You can do anything.” 

Lizzo is an artist who shows the world all that she is, but does not care if they like it. She truly embodies the saying, “Wear your heart on your sleeve,” since what is most important to her are her values, which she wore on the glittery sleeves of all four of her costume changes. It was an inspiring night of raucous fun and truly a special experience. 

5/5 Anchors