Wrecking Ball: Small Children on Seabury Soccer Fields

.5/5 Anchors

Xiang Zhang

The first angel sounded…and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.” – Book of Revelation 8:7

East of Bishop Seabury lies a warning, a portentous prophecy to the consequence of human arrogance. There lies what is now a ravaged remnant of past glories. There lies a grave; a solemn tomb of wide receivers and torn ACLs past. There lies Kimbell Field.

Once the revered home of the Seabury football team, the ground (located just outside of the gym) is a pale shadow of itself, torn apart from years of student athletics and P.E. classes. Without a sprinkler system, the grass is spotty, holes proliferate throughout the ground and anyone who has stepped foot on the field knows exactly how dangerously uneven it is. Yet, considering the age of the field, serving Seabury athletics faithfully for over a decade, it is at least somewhat understandable.

 However, what is truly unacceptable is the same thing potentially happening to the new soccer field, the Seabury Family Field. Recently, children living in the houses near Seabury have started to play soccer on the field and rip up the grass. This could perhaps seem innocuous, but not even two months after the field’s opening, such an omen should serve as a warning. If within mere weeks, nefarious children are already using the field for their unscrupulous machinations, what could the field look like in another year? In another decade? If unprotected, what fate could befall the Seabury Family Field?

Lo, Seabury, and behold the future visage of virgin field despoiled, fallen and never to rise again, conquered by the wounds of grievous cleats. Lo, Seabury, and bear witness to the lessons of Kimbell Field and our forefathers past. Lo, Seabury, and like, build a fence or something.

.5/5 Anchors